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The University has selected a new Learning Management Engine named Quercus to replace the software that currently powers the U of T Learning Portal.

Existing third-party integrations will be ported from the Portal to Quercus as part of the LME implementation project. Idea submissions for new Quercus integrations will be queued and reviewed during the post-implementation phase.

We are constantly looking for suggestions for new tools to add to the toolbox. We are also happy to talk to people about building new tools from scratch.

To read more about Portal Integrations, please read the following:

To see a list of existing tools, please visit:

To see a list of current projects and suggestions, please visit:

To help us move forward with your suggestion, please take a couple of minutes to complete the following form. Most of the answers are optional, but the more information you can provide up front, the easier it will be for us to process the suggestion.

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  • If you are able to answer any of these questions, please do so.
  • Have you done any kind of educational research on this tool?
  • Do you know if a formal Information Risk audit of the tool been conducted?
  • Do you know if anyone at UofT has done a formal functional / technical assessment of the tool?
  • Do you know if the tool meets Accessibility requirements?
  • Do you know if the tool is IMS Certified?
  • Funding (optional)

  • Sometimes tool integrations require quite a bit of human resources to complete. And sometimes the software has a licensing cost. Do you know if any funding is available for this kind of project?
  • Please visit the CTSI site for information about UofT funding resources that support teaching innovations:
  • Our general practice is to post these suggestions to our website, so others can see and comment on them. By default, that’s what we will do with your suggestion. If you do not wish your request to be public, please fill out the box below to tell us why, and we will do our best to honour your request. However, please keep in mind that proposals that are not publicly available for comment from the community might not generate a high enough priority in the project queue. Thank you
  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Someone from the team will get back to you shortly.