Lino is an online web sticky note service that can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, and photos anywhere on an online web canvas. Attendees/students don’t need to create an account, and only needed access to the URL, which can be linked on a website (or in Blackboard?)


I have seen it used as a ‘3-2-1’ exercise where workshop attendees can post answers to questions without using their names, and everyone can see in real-time. Example: was in a workshop where the instructor included a link to a ‘lino’ board for attendees to fill out virtual post-it notes in real-time. Thought it was an easy way to collect open-ended thoughts and questions in a way a clicker cannot.


Submitted by:

Heather Buchansky


ACTFBRef# 163860



The PeppeR Project is a research initiative dedicated to the design of educational software that fosters 21st century skills.  The project’s core technology, called “PeppeR” is a web-based collaborative workspace where learners can engage in in-depth inquiry.  PeppeR offers a variety of specialized knowledge building features and social networking tools that support learners of all ages in their efforts to share information, identify key ideas, and progressively work to improve those ideas.


PeppeR is used by multiple instructors, especially at OISE. Although much more than a discussion board application, PeppeR may an excellent application for those wishing to use an alternative, enhanced online discussion forum in their teaching.


Submitted By

Jim Hewitt, OISE 

Status Update:

The integration of PeppeR into our Learning Portal is in a Pilot phase with a small number of courses in OISE.  Status updates available at: