Opencast is an open source, flexible and customizable video capture solution that was developed for educational institutions. It permits the scheduled capture, editing and processing of video content and incorporates functionality for on-demand viewing of archived recordings, options to stream live events and a robust management dashboard to monitor status and performance of video content. The application is supported by a strong and active open source community which constantly strives to improve the application and introduce new functionality.


We have created a project plan to investigate, test, implement and review a local install of the system. We are currently in the investigation and analysis phase of the development lifecycle to determine the feasibility of using the system at Dentistry. We are working with central ITS and have engaged others at other divisions including Nursing, Engineering, Rehabilitation Sciences and UTL to help identify requirements and to help test and review the application. As part of the project we are also looking at several hardware capture devices that may work with the application to provide integration with other AV components in lecture room podiums. To date, we have successfully performed a basic test installation of the system and have tested several hardware capture opt ions. A more robust installation, full testing and a more extensive pilot project will commence after the release of the Opencast version 2.2 which i s expected in June 2016.

With regards to accessibility, we will be looking at AODA compliance as part of our investigation and analysis. We are also hoping that there will be some integration opportunities with MyMedia and the University’s chosen LME. Please note that MyMedia is a repackaging of the Avalon media player which was developed by the same developers of Opencast so we expect there will be straight forward integration. Opencast has developed an LTI module that offers an easy way to integrate it with a learning management system based on the specifications developed by IMSglobal. org but we are not sure if it is IMS certified ( /develop/admin/modules/ltimodule/ ). 

The system will be made available do all Dentistry courses. We have a small fund that is earmarked for lecture capture system development and implementation. It will provide us with the means to purchase some hardware for testing and implementation. We have confirmation at this point that at least 8 courses will use the system. We also expect that this system may be of benefit to other divisions throughout the University. 


Submitted by:

James Fiege

Information and Instructional Technology Services, 

Faculty of Dentistry

ACTFBRef# 164064